how to use xyntha?

Your routine, your dose.

Your treatment routine may be either:

  • Prophylaxis: you take XYNTHA on a regular basis so there is always factor in your system to help prevent bleeds.
  • On demand: you take XYNTHA when you have a bleed or just before you are exposed to risk (e.g. playing sport or an active trip away).

The dose you receive is calculated especially for you and can depend on:

  • How low your factor VIII levels are
  • Your clinical condition
  • If you have inhibitors
  • Your weight
  • Your response to treatment

Recording your infusions.

Every time you use a XYNTHA pack, it’s a good idea to record the name and batch number. Batch number labels on the vial can be peeled off and stuck in your diary.

However, there’s now a much easier way to record your infusions. Pfizer has created a web app called TRACKER FACTORy that’s especially designed for recording infusions as well as bleeds.

You can access this program by simply typing in to any web enabled device such as your phone, iPad or desktop computer.

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Reconstitution Steps


A. Screw the plunger rod firmly into prefilled dual chamber syringe by pushing and turning firmly until resistance is felt.

Avoid contact with shaft of the plunger rod.


A. Remove the white tamper-evident seal by bending the seal to expose the rubber tip cap.


B. Remove the grey rubber tip cap and replace it with the protective blue-vented sterile cap (prevents pressure build up).


A. Gently advance plunger rod until the 2 stoppers inside meet and all the diluent is transferred to the chamber containing the XYNTHA powder.

C. Slowly advance the plunger rod until most, if not all, of the air is removed from the drug product chamber.

Please note: the solution should be clear to slightly opalescent and colourless. If it is not, the solution should be discarded and a new kit should be used.


B. Swirl gently several times until powder is dissolved.

Combining multiple XYNTHA® dual chamber syringes

The instructions below are for the use of multiple XYNTHA dual chamber syringes with a 10mL or larger luer lock syringe.


Reconstitute each XYNTHA dual chamber syringe according to instructions included with each kit.

Remove the green syringe connector from its package and the protective blue vented cap from its package.

Connect a 10mL or larger luer lock syringe to one end of the green syringe connector and the XYNTHA dual chamber syringe to the opposite end of the green syringe connector.

With the XYNTHA dual chamber syringe on top, slowly push the plunger rod until the contents empty into the 10mL or larger luer lock syringe.

Remove empty XYNTHA dual chamber syringe and attach any additional XYNTHA dual chamber reconstituted syringes to the green syringe connector in order to empty contents into the 10mL or larger luer lock syringe.

Remove the green syringe connector and attach the 10mL or larger luer lock syringe to the infusion set included inside the XYNTHA dual chamber syringe kit.

For further information about your treatment or
condition, see your healthcare professional.

Available in a range of dosing options:
  • 250 IU
  • 500 IU
  • 1000 IU
  • 2000 IU
  • 3000 IU

After Reconstitution

The reconstituted solution should be used as soon as possible after dissolving the powder. If storage after reconstitution is necessary you should store the syringe with the protective blue-vented cap in an upright position, at 2 - 8°C and use within 3 hours. Only use solutions that are clear and colourless. Use only the accessories provided in the box for reconstitution and administration.

Infusion Set

The all-in-one device eliminates the transfer step.

how to administer

XYNTHA dual chamber should be administered using the infusion set in your kit. You can use the syringe provided or, if more than one vial is needed, a large sterile disposable plastic luer lock syringe may be available from your Haemophilia Treatment Centre.

1. Attach the syringe to the luer end of the infusion set.

2. Apply a tourniquet and prepare the injection site by wiping the skin well with an alcohol swab provided in the kit.

3. Insert the needle on the infusion set tubing into the vein and remove the tourniquet.

4. The reconstituted XYNTHA should be injected intravenously over several minutes. The rate of administration should be determined by your comfort level.

5. After completion of XYNTHA treatment remove the infusion set and discard appropriately.

Contact your doctor or nurse if you have any questions on how to administer.

storing Xyntha